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John Daly Closes His Round With An Eagle, Gestures To The Crowd That He Needs A Drink



The Man, The Myth, The Legend at it again. Gesturing to the crowd that the big man needs a drink after pouring in an eagle on his final hole of the tournament. God bless him. I blog just about every move JD makes and I’m still not sure it’s enough to fully encapsulate how awesome he is. Think about it. He’s 50 years old now, he’s drank every bottle of whiskey, divorced every woman, gambled every dime he ever earned, motor-boated every Hooters waitress in the country, smoked every cigarette, had every heart attack and he’s still out there on the Champions Tour with his hot girlfriend as his caddy and gesturing to the crowd for a drink. He’s a walking, talking, smoking mythological creature. He really is. There will never ever be another guy like him so we better appreciate him while he’s here because every day there’s an 80% chance he’ll have the heart attack that finally takes him down for good. Long Live John Daly.