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Draymond Green Says He Couldn't Have Kicked Steven Adams On Purpose Because His Core Isn't Strong Enough




What a fucking spinzone that is. My abs aren’t tight enough to control my body when I’m mid air. Maybe if I did a few more planks I wouldn’t have kicked that guy directly in the dick. Sure thing Draymond.


Here’s what sucks, I don’t want to see this series without Draymond Green, I hate when players get suspended in NBA playoff series. I’m still pissed that we were robbed in that ’07 Suns/Spurs series. But if you’re the commissioner you have no choice, you have to give him a game right? This is a professional athlete we’re talking about here, a guy who is keenly aware of his body at every moment. A guy who trains 365 days a year and has incredible control over his movements at all times. And then all of a sudden he’s “Accidentally” throwing flying leg kicks into people’s dicks? Come on. That kick was on purpose. I know it, you know it, and Draymond knows it. So a suspension wouldn’t shock me at all, and if you want to keep some semblance of the rules in place you have to do it. It sucks because it will dramatically alter this series and season, but at the end of the Draymond can only blame himself. Don’t kick people in the dick and you’ll stay on the right side of the law, pretty simple.