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SNL Ended The Season With a Fantastic, Hilarious Dead Poets Society Spoof


Bravo, SNL. Bravo. This sketch knocked it out of the park. That’s how you end a season where there weren’t too many (if any?) memorable moments. We always say SNL ain’t what it used to be, and while true, it also doesn’t get the credit it deserves either. Apparently it’s way, wayyyy funnier in person, which is completely believable because if you’ve ever seen sketch comedy in front of you on a stage, it’s impossible not to laugh. Gotta tip your caps to SNL for this one though, it’s shit like this that gets the people talking. It’s being shared everywhere, which is pretty much the sign they hit a home run. It doesn’t have the staying power like say Dick In A Box or Debbie Downer, two recent(ish) sketches that became bigger than the show, but a job well done regardless.

PS: Pete Davidson is banging Larry David’s smoking hot daughter. What a couple.