Calling All Stoolies - Please Take 3 Seconds To Help One Of Our Own Get A Free Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Real quick everyone- it takes 2 seconds to vote for this and will make a world of difference for one of our own. You literally just click the log in through Facebook button, click vote, and then go back every day and keep doing it.

Derek’s story can happen to any of us. He was going after a puck, went into the boards hard, and has been confined to a wheelchair since. While a pussy like me would be pissed, Derek has his Masters in Sports Movement Sciences from Miami University and is pursuing his PhD. He can drive, and we, the best community in the world, can get him a car that will support him and allow him to drive.

3 seconds of your time (literally 3 seconds) can make a lifetime of a difference for Derek and his family.