Johnny Manziel Protects His Good Friend Drake From Frenzied Crowd In Vegas


TMZ – Johnny Manziel was removed from a Vegas club after the former NFL QB allegedly hauled off and punched a guy. Witnesses inside Jewel Nightclub at the Aria tell TMZ Johnny was in a VIP booth near the stage Friday night. Drake showed up for a surprise performance and club goers started to push and shove to get up front. Our sources say Johnny got pushed and turned and slugged the club goer.



The media is having a field day with this one. “JOHNNY FOOTBALL KICKED OUT OF CLUB AFTER PUNCHING CIVILIAN….HITS ROCK BOTTOM” blah, blah, blah. Umm did people even read the story? Drake showed up for an impromptu concert and the place went mad. Jewel Nightclub didn’t have enough security on hand and the crowd rushed the stage like a scene straight out of Road House with Johnny playing the role of Dalton. The only thing that stood inbetween Drake’s safety and chaos was Johnny Football so he did what any good friend would do. He started swinging. (allegedly) If protecting your friend is wrong I don’t want to be right,