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A Guy Powerbombing A Dude, Taking A Baseball Bat To The Gut, And Still Chasing Away Everyone Is An All Timer Fight Video Performance


I saw this video pop up during my mindless Internet browsing yesterday and I’ve genuinely never been more floored by something. Not since the days of watching Kimbo Slice clips on Sublime Directory (in between much browsing of the porn also on there) have I seen a dude look like such a beast who also completely takes all the focus of the camera. And when he took that bat from the dude after eating a full swing for the fences to the gut? Unbelievably bad ass. The crazy thing to me is he didn’t immediately brain that dude with the bat when he took it, almost as if he know the destructive force he was and that if he took even a check swing at that guy leaning up against the car his skull would be crushed. But somehow not swinging and instead menacingly wielding the bat while calling them pussies…I mean my god. That is how you assert your dominance over a group of men. This guy should include this video with his CV and resumé if he applies anywhere; even if they’d worry about his violent streak, they’d be too afraid not to hire and promote him, the real life equivalent of that guy wearing camo whom Elaine promoted out of the mailroom on Seinfeld.


Also I’m not sure if I want to see this dude team up with the guy who got KO’d three times in a fight or if I’d prefer to see them travel the country together absorbing filthy beatings but I know if either option were a TV show I’d be watching it weekly.