Charles Oakley Saying That Anthony Mason Never Told Him About Being The Guy In "I Got A Story To Tell" Is Good Enough For Me

via TMZ

Okay, now that’s more like it. Finally a quote from somebody not trying to push an album or concert tour on people. Just keeping it real. You don’t become two of the biggest enforcers and go through the battles that the 90s Knicks did without sharing a story like the time Biggie put a gun in your face after stuffing your girl. That comes out sooner or later. And Charles Oakley is too tough and strong to have to lie about anything. In fact, Oak Tree looks like he could still give one of these NBA teams still playing about 10 minutes on the boards with that beautiful 18 footer while also tossing the best full court baseball passes you have ever seen in your life. Not saying Fat Joe should watch his back, but I imagine Oak doesn’t enjoy getting his golf round disturbed to address a bunch of disrespectful hogwash.

After four blogs and a mini podcast, Anthony Mason’s good name has been cleared in my eyes. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.