I Hate The Penguins But I Love That They've Taken The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels Under Their Wing

CBS – The Pittsburgh Penguins’ “HBK” line, made up of Carl Hagelin , Nick Bonino and Phil Kessel, has been taking over the hockey world over the past few weeks. With Kessel leading the way with another huge game Wednesday, they have been one of the best lines in the league since they started playing together and have scored a ton of big goals for the Penguins. They also have a pretty big celebrity fan in former WWE superstar Shawn Michaels, who was known throughout his wrestling career as the “Heartbreak Kid.” Or, for short, “HBK.” Michaels has become a fan of the group and the social media push from Penguins fans helped lead to an invitation from the team to attend Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals Sunday night. On Thursday night, Michaels announced that he has accepted the invitation and “barring a catastrophic weather event” will be in attendance for the game.

I hate when cool stories happen with things you hate and you have no choice but to tip your cap. That’s happening right now with the Penguins. They debuted the HBK line of Hagelin, Bonino, and Kessel, have been dominating the playoffs with them (I don’t want to talk about it) and now have taken the real HBK under their wings. A true Texas boy, Shawn has no idea about hockey, but he’s going to be sitting next to Brett Keisel, which is awesome too. This whole thing is cool. If you scroll Michaels’ Twitter, he’s fired up and genuinely excited about this. He’s pumped, the city of Pittsburgh is pumped, and it’s just one of those sports things that happens generically that is really cool. The city of Pittsburgh has embraced him, and he’s embraced the hell out of them back. Plus HBK is the best. I hate that it’s the Pens, but what can ya do? When a cool thing happens, a cool thing happens, can’t hate on it. Hopefully he gives the jumbotron a suck it for old time’s sake.