Dash Day Continues To Gun For Riley Curry's "Cutest Kid Of A Professional Athlete" Crown, Quotes Happy Gilmore



I love this kid. Any 4-year-old who can quote Happy Gilmore is good in my book. Riley Curry has officially been put on notice. She better watch her back. She’s held the crown for awhile now but Dash Day is gunning for it every time he’s on the screen. I like his chances. Sprinting out to his Dad after victories (probably a lot more of those opportunities coming) and now quoting one of the greatest golf movies ever. Nay, one of the best movies ever period. It almost brings a tear to my eye that Jason and Ellie Day have shown Dash Happy Gilmore enough times to where he quotes it now. That’s how a child should be raised. Sit them in front of the TV and make them watch all of the great 90s comedies. Any parent who is taking their kids to the new Adam Sandler movies is doing it wrong and should have their children taken from them. Those parents are actively lying to their children. Show them the real Sandler. The Happy Gilmore/Billy Madison/Big Daddy Sandler.