The World YoYo Championship Has The Most Electric Crowd I Have Ever Heard


Yo-Yo Championship is absolutely on fire huh? Who knew? Janos Karancz started his set about as routinely as one can start a Yo-Yo set, and it all seemed pretty ordinary, right up until I heard that crowd. They were with it every second of the way. The highs, the lows, the cat’s cradles, the dipsy doo’s, everything. If you closed your eyes you wouldn’t know if you were listening to the world Yo-Yo championship or an And1 dunk contest at Rucker Park. That’s how electric this crowd was. I’ve been to sporting events that don’t even come close to what the world Yo-Yo championship just threw down. Just a bunch of nerds absolutely loosing their minds while a guy fiddles around with a string and piece of plastic. Pure unadulterated joy and Love of the game. And I can’t hate, I’ll just sit back and be jealous that there is nothing in my life than can rev my engine quite like this.



Sidenote – As good as Janos Karancz was, he’s still no K-Strass.