Lady Plays Virtual Reality Zombie Game And Goes Apetits With Fear

YES. I’m not gonna rag on the poor girl for losing her shit. Replace the flesh eating zombies in the dark woods with a harmless centipede across the well lit bathroom and you’ll still get the same reaction. but as a horror game junkie (Silent Hill 1 & 2, Resident Evil IV, Dead Space and The Last Of Us are still bingo-bango-bongo-tittys on my list) I am PUMPED this can get so realistic that’ll physically make you ill. I don’t know whether it’ll make it move or have it cower back inside like a frightened turtle, but at least the reaction will be authentic. I have no shame going on record to beg someone local to let me play their Oculus Rift for a couple hours through eviction. Don’t want it. Need it. It all may be fake but the shit in my pants is as real as it gets.

God bless technology and virtual reality. Obviously the porn aspect of this is next level, but can you imagine just playing GTA V on this bad boy? Just decades ago humanity was relegated to a 2-D world and now we can almost taste the blood from the virtual hookers when we knife them to get our money back. Finally, we’re THIS close to the most realistic way to subdue those homicidal urges. But is it too realistic? My palms already sweat more than Patrick Ewing in the 4th quarter when heights are involved in video games. Now taking a dive out of a plane without a parachute may very well make me go tits up. And it’ll still worth it. All these nerds need to do now is to get the Japanese involved to create a playable dick and there will never be a reason to see the sunlight again.