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The Peaky Blinders Season 3 Extended Trailer Was Released And I'm So Pumped For This Show To Be Back




I don’t even know when season 2 was, feels like it was 5 years ago, but holy shit am I gassed up for this. If you don’t watch Peaky Blinders you need to start right this second. One of the best, most underrated shows out there. I have no idea how season 3 will go, I assume it will be great because it took forever, but Thomas Shelby has the chance for me to be a top 5 tv show character of all time. Baddest man alive.



Also if you are just starting it, use the subtitles. Absolute gamechanger with this show. I watched the first season without subtitles and was lost half the time, turned subtitles on and it became one of the best shows in my rotation. Just gotta get over the fact that you need subtitles for someone speaking in your native language, once you do that it’s easy street.