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Of Course Fat Joe Regrets That He Said Anthony Mason Was The Knick In "I Got A Story To Tell"

For background information on the story click here and here

This is how it starts. One day the story comes out, the next day the guy says he regrets telling the story, and before you know it we have a full-blown retraction. Acting like people already knew the real story is utterly ridiculous. This is all Album Promotion 101 with your professor, Joe Crack The Don.

Joe if you are a reading this, and I bet you are, just admit that this was a ruse to sell some albums and apologize for slandering the great Anthony Mason’s name and all will be forgiven. I know you are ready to break. If you were on the stand, Vincent Laguardia Gambini would have you talking in circles in no time. This has smelled rotten from the beginning and Knicks fans will not rest until you tell us that this story was really about John Starks or Hubert Davis. Go on Caleb’s podcast and set the record straight or give us Lil Cease’s number so we can get the real story on Mailtime. The truth will set you free, Joseph.

Or tell me how you lost all that weight despite being a fat guy forever and we’ll call it even. Your choice.