Awesome Story: Ozzie Guillen Was Blacked Out Drunk While Interviewing To Be the White Sox Manager

When you say “Ozzie” in Chicago, you think of one person and one person only: Ozzie Guillen. Now that I think about it, it’s even true for baseball in general. Ozzie Smith is in the Hall of Fame and you’d be an idiot to reference him just by “Ozzie” in baseball circles. Dems da facts.


Anyways, how awesome a story is this? It fits the Ozzie Era on the South Side to a T. He’s was our Lou Brown. Just a complete wild card with no verbal filter who didn’t give a FUCK about societal norms. But you know what? He was our wild card and he knew the game inside and out – no one can deny that. I’ll never forget when he was hired in 2004, my dad told my young, supple 16 year old self “Ozzie Guillen will win a World Series as a manager. Not saying it will be with the Sox, but it will be with someone.” Only took him a year to do it. Goddamnit I miss him in the silver and black…


PS – Guarantee Kenny Williams interviewed him at the Lantern in Naperville. That’s where nights turn to blackness and swiftly


PPS – top 5 people I need to get black out drunk and listen to their stories before I die

5. Ditka

4. Ozzie

3. George W. Bush

2. Jose Canseco

1. Hawk Harrelson