Happy 40th Birthday Kevin, Thank You For Changing My Life


(all these years later, this still remains as one of the best commercials in television history. So true, so perfect)

Had to give my man a quick HBD. The man helped give us younger Celtics fans our own Big 3 and the best 6 years of our lives. July 31, 2007 will be a day I remember for the rest of my life. It was surreal. Not only did Garnett help end the Celtics championship drought, but he was the gift that kept on giving with the Nets picks. Few players understand what it means to be a Celtic, and KG not only fit the mold, but he helped demand it from everyone else around him. It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite KG moment, and I will be forever thankful that I got to see him play in person, because there will never ever be another Kevin Garnett.

So happy birthday Big Ticket, and for the 10000000th time, thank you. Thank you for everything.



Remember when he made Big Baby actually cry? Would love to know what he said