Max Scherzer Made a Kid's Life By Playing Catch With Him Before Last Night's Game

Fucking awesome. It’s not every day you can play catch with a 3x All Star and former Cy Young winner. You know the great thing about Scherzer? He just signed a 9 billion dollar contract and still acts like a kid at the park. The MASN broadcast always pans to him on games he’s not pitching and he’s just goofing off, not taking his life for granted. It’s the little things like playing catch with kids in the stands that makes baseball fun again. You can’t replicate the pure joy on that kid’s face. And the best thing is nobody would have known about it if the kid’s dad didn’t want to share it. Scherzer didn’t JJ Watt it and bring the cameras over so everyone would see it. Scherzer just wanted to play catch with the kid so he did.

Bryce hooked a fan up yesterday too:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 1.42.28 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 1.42.37 PM

What a great bunch of guys. Hoping all that gives them the karma to rock Harvey tonight, who Bryce is a fun 0-for-20 with 3 BB and 7Ks lifetime against. Will tonight be the night he gets his first hit?? Harvey kinda stinks this year, so I’m going with yes. Especially because Harvey is wayyyy to stubborn to pitch around him. Slumping Bryce vs slumping Matt Harvey with the 0/20 on the line, should be fun.