The Redskins Offseason Workouts Are Going Better Than Expected

Hah, that’s just awesome. Right there with ya, Kirk. Today was a good day and it’s barely even begun. The sun is shining, the grass is green, and CAN YOU TAKE ME HIGGGGHYAAAA? TO A PLACE HERE BLIND MEN SEEEEE. Kirk popping Creed on the jukebox during the team lift is fantastic. Just doing bicep curls with 6’7, 350 pound linemen with the smooth stylings of Scott Stapp playing over the speakers. It’s the most Kirk Cousins thing imaginable. He is without a doubt the most happy-go-lucky guy in the league. Just a classic white guy who does white guy things like wear Starter Jackets and foster puppies and listen to Creed.

PS: Higher, Arms Wide Open, and My Sacrifice is a pretty solid 1-2-3 punch for any band. A Creed comeback is imminent.