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Kate Sully Goes #TOFTB To Win #NationalSendANudeDay Before It Even Got Started


well documented how much i love this chick. love the hair, we all know the body slays. blah blah. coming from the clouds to win a day of nudes at like 4am is just diabolical. just goes to show i cant take days off. never know what girl, at one time, is going to get wild on snapchat.

shout out to the stoolies who reached out to make sure i was on this. thats what im talking about. everyone playing for the name on the front of the jersey.

NSFW shot here

more research.



katesullivannnn_12407486_958623270896356_2126586919_n 2016-03-20 17-10-59






i reached out to kate to confirm this wasnt a prosthetic. thats how jaded i am now. she hasnt got back to me so as it stands right now. #real.