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Egyptair Flight From Paris to Cairo Crashed Over The Mediterranean



1:09 PM est Update

Wreckage has been found. It’s now a search and rescue operation, and the investigation will focus on what exactly happened and how/why it crashed. Awful stuff. Worst nightmare.

12:10 PM est Update

US officials are saying definitely terrorism. Likely a bomb. Based on the latest data, the plane appears to have spun uncontrollably before dropping 27,000 feet rapidly. At 10,000 feet, it disappeared from radar.

As someone commented, if this was indeed a bomb onboard that’s EXTREMELY alarming. Charles de Gaulle Airport, being the main air hub out of Paris, is one of the largest and most active in the world. Terrorists successfully planting a bomb on a commercial airliner there means major security failures. It hasn’t been confirmed yet that this is what happened, but all signs are pointing towards it.

9:03 AM est Update

This just came in:

Bad news out of Egypt. One typically refrains from speculation over these things, but several commentators are saying all signs point towards terrorism. Those signs? The weather was fine. All of the plane’s communication signals suddenly went dark. It’s a relatively new plane (6 years old). It was traveling rather high (37,000 feet) at the time of disappearance without any signs of descent. And Egypt has recent history with aviation-related terrorism (ISIS blew up Russian Metrojet Flight 9268 flying out of an Egyptian resort airport in October, killing all 224 people onboard).

However, the most trusted name in CNN aviation coverage refuses to join the speculation.

As is tradition, much false information and reporting has been dispersed.

About 7:30 AM EST, reports once again began to roll in of confirmation the plane crashed.

Fisherman and residents on some Greek island are claiming they saw a fireball in the sky about the time the plane disappeared from radar. This is supposedly video of what they saw.

Keep in mind: in 2014 every person with an inflatable raft or a canoe near the Indian Ocean claimed they saw MH370.

For now, that’s all the info we’ve got. When I get more, you’ll get more.


PS – A U.S. B-52 also crashed early this morning on Guam; fortunately, all 7 crew members made it out safely.