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Pierre Takes A Page Out Of Milbury's Book, Basically Says Lightning Need To Actually Murder Penguins To Win Series

Listen. I don’t care who you are or what your thoughts are on Pierre McGuire. The man is 100% right and this is a foolproof plan. If the Tampa Bay Lightning want to win this series, then murdering every single player on the Pittsburgh Penguins is in their best interest. We’re all thinking it, Pierre is just the only one who had the balls to say it. Because guess what, bozos? If everybody on Pittsburgh is dead, then the Lightning would HAVE to advance. It’s just a matter of logistics. So go ahead and go crazy, Tampa. Start pile driving people in front of the net. Start boarding people from behind with zero regard for their well-being. Because sure, those may have been two pretty pretty questionable hits in Game 1 but let me remind you of a little something; they won that game. Boarding = wins. People lie, numbers don’t. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

UPDATE: Just read that headline back to myself and it looks like I’m talking about murdering penguins as in the animal. I’m not saying that and Pierre wasn’t saying that. But I have to admit that would be an A+ take to have. I don’t condone killing actual penguins but I can definitely get down with the take regardless.

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