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Zuckerberg Met With Glenn Beck, SE Cupp & 14 Other Conservatives Wednesday

CNN MoneyA-list conservative commentators and leaders did a lot of talking and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did a lot of listening at an unusual meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

Sixteen people, including Glenn Beck, Jim DeMint, SE Cupp, Dana Perino, and Tucker Carlson, attended the sit-down at Facebook headquarters.

It was a response to last week’s allegations that former workers suppressed conservative news stories on Facebook.

“It did not, to me, feel like a photo op,” Cupp, a conservative columnist and CNN commentator, said afterward. “I got a very strong sense of concern and curiosity about our take on this problem.”



First off, how about Zucks pulled a Michael Scott?

[Cupp] said Zuckerberg was “not at all dismissive” and let the meeting run long. When an aide told him that the allotted hour was running out, he kept it going for another 15 minutes.

Amazing move. Such a classic. “Oh what’s that Pam, I have the most powerful company in the world to run? Sorry, this is more important. Please Glenn, go on.”

Then gives them a whopping 15 minutes. 15 MINUTES! Glenn Beck lives in Texas. SE Cupp is based out of New York City. Jim DeMint runs the Heritage Foundation in DC. These people flew literally across the country for this and Zucks gave them 75 minutes, 15 of which he Michael Scott’ed? That’s fucking hilarious. We got Portnoy in 200-hour long meetings to get a birdcage installed in Barstool HQ and Zucks gives these guys a little over an hour. Power moves only.

Second, what’s with Z in a suit?

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.35.33 PM

Mark, you’re a hoodie and flip flops guy. Always have been, always will be. Stick to your guns — don’t let these ultra-religious weirdos get to you.

Anyway, this was a pretty hyped meeting. Last week’s report that Facebook suppresses conservative news ruffled (obviously) a bunch of conservative feathers, so Zuckerberg put this together to help smooth things over. Sounds like it went fine and both parties are playing the “we’re excited about things going forward” card. Which means nothing. Whoop de doo.

Frankly, it’s a kick in the dick to attend this thing. Hey conservatives, Zuckerberg and his cronies fucked you. You don’t then pack up and fly to Facebook HQ at the snap of his fingers. Fuck that invite. Summon Marky Mark to your own meeting. Maybe invite him to Sunday mass or the next deer hunting trip. Get him out of his comfort zone. But don’t come crawling from all corners of America to his 430,000 square foot, 22 acre castle where he’s King Nerd. Bad look and you’re just begging to get played.

Zero chance Facebook is changing a thing and it’s the conservatives’ fault. Zuckerberg cut out his best friend; you think a 75 minute meeting will get conservative news back up on the Trending module? Please.