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RG3 Just Couldn't Help Himself But To Tweet Some Emo Cryptic Bullshit Today

What does it mean? Nobody knows, but it’s provocative. It gets the people going!

As I said in this blog when he signed with the Browns and started rattling off his catch phrases, he just can’t help himself. He doesn’t have the metal capacity or the strength to just step away from the keyboard. I know we’ve all been there. When you NEED to get a tweet or text off and you feel that rush of relief after. But if you just think about how stupid you’ll look after sending it and hold it back for like 20 minutes, you are way better off in the long run. Once again RG3 had to take it to Twitter with some cryptic bullshit. If he’s going to tweet about today’s article that swept the sports world (which I found to be a load of shit itself), just fucking talk about it. This 8th grade away message shit is so tiring. He should have left that nonsense in DC and started fresh in Cleveland. If the fans turn on him there…man. Rock bottom.