Skateboarder Is a Half Second Away From A Date With A Hospital Bed


I know what you’re thinking- “hey this guy is still alive and doesn’t have a needle coming out of his leg, what is he doing on Barstool?” You’re right, my bad, but you can’t get much closer to being road kill than that. Skateboard bro got extremely lucky. He was all focused on doing his gnarly trick that he forgot about the whole concept of “cars driving on the road”. And that’s a pretty important concept when you’re skateboarding directly into oncoming traffic One second you’re getting sick footage of a 360 varial McTwist 50-50 FS boardslide double heelflip pop shove-it, next second you’re underneath a 97 Buick. This video is going pretty #viral right now, but I think if you want to get #EllenViral you have to get hit by the car. Just give me the full 10/10 effort and take the hit like a man. No half measures, Cody Davis.