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Did Kris Jenner Finally Release The Kylie Jenner Sex Tape?

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NZheraldAfter months of the pair being offered millions by pornography sites for their intimate tapes, Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s sex tape has reportedly leaked online. According to a report on Witty Feed, the video was uploaded to Tyga’s website in the video section but was taken down after 30 minutes. However, whether anyone spotted it and grabbed it to upload themselves is unclear. In recent months, Hollywood Life reported the couple made sex tapes “often” and had a personal library of them.


Not to sound like a total pervert or anything but it’s very important to me that I see this sex tape. I’ve been patiently twiddling my thumbs waiting for this thing to hit the internet streets for what feels like years now. I’m sure the deep internet already had access to this like a decade ago. I need this thing to surface. And as I’ve said a million times it’s not a matter of if this happens, but when. Kris Jenner is plotting her every move here. Just stringing us along. Hell she probably filmed this thing. Because she knows what I know. Once this sex tape hits the streets Kylie is instantly the biggest Karadashian star of them all. What do you do for an encore after you murder Lamar Odom and turn Bruce into a chick? Release the Kylie sex tapes. Diabolical.