Justin Timberlake And Anna Kendrick Do Some Bootleg German Carpool Karaoke And It Is HORRIBLE

If Terrible, Horrible, and Horrendous all had a baby together, it would be 1/100th as bad as this broke ass German Carpool Karaoke. I mean what is this TRASH? Sitting in one of those stupid European cars. Playing songs on a goddam iPad. A host that doesnt even speak english. So. Many. Awkward. Silences. Just completely garbage. Congrats to the Taff Show – you took two of the most entertaining singers alive and created a horrible singing segment.

I hope James Corden marches into the CBS offices demanding a drink. Its never been more clear that hes the straw that stirs the drink. Since Corden, JT and AK47 were all in the Trolls movie its only a matter of time before they do this on his show. They’ll blows this Germany garbage out of the water like it was World War II.