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Celebrations Were A Plenty All Around Philly Last Evening #12345Destiny

Love it. Hey, let us peasants have our cake for once. It’s been a couple dark years for the Philadelphia sports world. I don’t care if the Sixers depression was planned or not, but it’s great to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And that light (probably) comes in the shape of a 6’10 Aussie behemoth who is a steady jump shot away from being a certified force in this league for many, many years. Draft Ben Simmons and send him directly to live with the legend Herb McGee. By the end of the Summer he’ll be sniping from the parking lot…or just hitting 18 footers consistently. Keep in mind this is still a process we need to trust.

But it’s great to see people in Philly overwhelmingly ecstatic over something. Even Jo Jo and company was getting in on the action. EXTRA GRENADINE.

And this one made it move and then some.

Also, Brett Brown is all class. Glad to see him finally get a chance to work with something here.

Only 6 months till regular season tips off and another probable 30 till we see some playoffs…but can you feel that Process? Trust it, baby. Trust it hard. Now do me a favor and CUE IT THE FUCK UP!