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Did Dikembe Mutombo Just Spoil The Draft Lottery For Everyone?

I WANT TO SEX MUTOMBO!!! Why would the NBA’s world wide ambassador Tweet this bad boy out then delete it only minutes later? The NBA Lottery has been so rigged for so long nothing would surprise me. Could it be Mutombo has seen the frozen envelope for himself? Or maybe he’s on Congo time, saw one of those mock simulations, and took it for truth (most likely what happened). Whatever it may be, even if it’s a hunch, hopefully there’s some smoke to Dikembe’s fire here.

Gotta give Mutombo credit if he realized how fragile our Sixers hearts have become, put this up to troll, then proceeded to delete it while laughing like the Cookie Monster. Could only respect it if that were the case. Not in his house.


UPDATE: Some PR guy says relax.