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This Mom Marching Through A Target With Her Family To Protest Transgender People In Bathrooms Seems Like A Lot Of Fun


KULR8 – The video was uploaded to YouTube and offers little details on who the woman is or where she’s from. The woman does say in the video she has 12 children. At one point she screams, “Mothers get your children out of this store!”

The poor video quality doesn’t allow a good look at the woman. She holds a Bible above her head as she leads the group around the store. At one point, it sounds as if a man with the woman is responding to a shopper who is shouting back at the group. It’s difficult to make out exactly what the man is saying.

The woman exits the Target store shouting, “I wouldn’t spend a penny of my money here.” The man can be heard shouting, “The judgment of God is coming on this nation.”

The video has gained hundreds of thousands of views since it was posted on May 14. The video may be in response to a statement by Target’s Chairman and CEO, Brian Cornell, just days earlier saying he wants everyone to feel welcome in their stores. Cornell says Target’s much talked-about policy is consistent with their history of “embracing diversity and inclusion.”


Listen, you see a big fat lady in a floral print moo moo shouting about homosexuality and her 12 kids while walking through a Target as if it were some sort of holy land and there are a lot of easy jokes to be made. But really my mind just goes to those poor kids being dragged alongside this. I remember when I was younger one time my mom was in a mood and complained about a meal and did the whole “trying to get it of the bill” thing. And my embarrassment as a pubescent kid was over her doing something so poor was palpable enough that my mom never did it again. But these kids…no matter what they do, no matter what they say or how they act out, this is their mom. She is the lady who will gather up all of the local people whom she sits around booing Queer As Folk DVDs with and storm through a Target like a town crier trying to stop awful imagined predators from pissing within a two foot radius of her kids. A lady whom everything is a big dramatic Problem for. And not only do they have to deal with it, they have to get lumped in and taken around with her like some diversity-averse Children of the Corn (syrup). That shit SUCKS. I’m sure the kids are too brainwashed to notice at this point but if they do have any basic human instincts left I feel so bad for them more than anything.


All that said, this lady is getting savaged online because of her doing this and that seems sort of unfair. She clearly holds Target in some esteem and wanted her voice to be heard and did it in a relatively peaceful way in under two minutes. Could you imagine if all of the ridiculous protests we’ve had over the last few years were that painless and efficient? And most of them exist just for the person heading them up to listen to themselves talk anyway so it’s a win-win. Bash her if you want for the many other available items but I see nothing wrong with the way she went about her civil disobedience here.


Also if I were a gay punk rocker, my band name would be The Homosexual Perverted Agenda so fast. Talk shit on this lady all you want but the lady has a flare for branding. See? Two nice things about this lady to balance out the first paragraph. #fairandbalanced