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I For One Am SHOCKED That NBA Refs Missed A Travel Call


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SHOCKED I TELL YOU! So obviously one of the big story lines from last night’s game was of course the NBA refs. I know, crazy right? That the NBA has incompetent refs that screw up in big moments and have to apologize the following day, it’s almost like this has been happening since the beginning of time. Yet here we are and everyone is somehow shocked by this yet again. Listen, that call obviously mattered, it was a huge moment, but like Charles Barkley said after the game, refs don’t call travels in the NBA, they just don’t. All I want is consistency from my refs, and guess what, the NBA is consistently awful and they consistently let travels slide. If anything calling that travel on Westbrook would have been shocking. So yes, I get the frustration from Warrior fans but Golden State lost that game when they didn’t play the second half with the same intensity as the first. They went small in the final minutes of the first half and buried the Thunder in a 3 minute stretch to take a 13 point lead into halftime. Then they let Russ Westbrook get out of his funk and played like it was a regular season game where they would somehow win like they always do. If you want to blame the refs go right ahead, but the blame should be on the team for not executing in the Western Conference Finals against a really good Thunder squad. Either way as predicted this series will be must watch all the way through. Need 7 games, have to have it.





How about Durant being the greatest beneficiary of that Warriors second half performance. Holy shit was he awful in the 4th for that 6-7 minutes. I’ve never seen him look so bad. He missed some wide open shots and was so passive.