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Scumbag Paramedic Allegedly Stole Tony Soprano's Rolex While He Lay Dying

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ROMEA paramedic who rushed James Gandolfini to hospital after the actor suffered a massive heart attack has been accused of being even more ruthless than Tony Soprano.

Claudio Bevilacqua, 43, went on trial on Monday for allegedly snatching “The Sopranos” star’s $3000 Rolex Submariner watch as he laid dying in June 2013.


Tough to think of a more scumbag thing to do than to steal the watch off a guy that’s lying at your feet dying? Really racking my brain here, can’t come up with much. To show up to do your job and save the life of a guy having a massive heart attack and jacking the Rolex off his wrist. And not only that…but to do it to Tony Soprano? IN ITALY?? Are you kidding me Claudio Bevilacqua? Who sent you, Junior?? Need Silvio and Paulie to pay this piece of shit a visit, maybe give him the Big Pussy treatment (RIP) (Spoiler Alert).

God damn I miss the Sopranos. 100% firing that back up and bingeing the entire series.

3) The Wire
2) Breaking Bad
1) The Sopranos


What kind of Rolex Submariner is only 3K?