Disturbingly Funny/Sad Video Of Two People OD'd in Detroit

Unreal video.  Like a bizarro world “Leprechaun in Mobile Alabama” video except instead of black people seeing a leprechaun they found 2 white folk OD’d on meth.   Now on the surface this is a really disturbing video that we absolutely should not be making fun of and I probably shouldn’t even post.  I mean I think these two Tiger fans may be dead?  But at the same time it’s like a Chappelle skit.   People slapping them in the face to wake em up.  People screaming to put ice on their nutsacks and pour milk down their throats.  All serious suggestions by the way.  People taking selfies and snaps with them.  Just a bananas scene all the way around.   Or in other words just another day in downtown Detroit.


PS – Not gonna lie.  I kinda got queasy whenever they showed the dead people.   I hate needles and I hate dead people.