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Courtney Stodden Is Pregnant And I Already Feel Bad For Her Baby

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EOnline- Courtney Stodden is expecting her first child! The reality star confirms to ET that she’s four weeks along in her pregnancy, adding, “I feel happy about it but extremely overwhelmed.” “I’m going through a lot at the moment. This wasn’t a planned pregnancy,” the 21-year-old explains. “But life happens.” This is Stodden and her 55-year-old husband Doug Hutchison’s first child together. The couple married in 2011.




Such a perfect way for Courtney Stodden to announce her pregnancy. Basically saying, “Yeah I don’t really want this thing but that’s what happens when you’re married to a 55-year-old guy and he doesn’t want to wear condoms. Life happens. So excited!” I forget why Courtney Stodden is famous. She’s been in our lives for like 5 years now and I forget how the whole thing started. I think she was under age when she married her 50-year-old husband? Maybe she did a porno at one point or another? Doesn’t matter. The fact that the first things that come to my mind when I hear Courtney Stodden are underage marriage and porno isn’t a great sign for someone headed to motherhood. As far as the kid goes, this is the exact opposite of hitting the Mom jackpot. It’s gonna suuuuuuuuuuuuck to be Courtney Stodden’s kid. Something tells me Stodden isn’t exactly going to embrace motherhood. She’s too young and into herself to care about a baby. Dad is too old to care about a baby. Putting that baby up for adoption is probably the best option for all parties involved. But hey, congrats you crazy kids!



Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures of Courtney. This body will soon not look like this. Or maybe it will because she’ll just keep getting plastic surgery until she’s even more of a Barbie doll



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