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Sidney Crosby Should Be Thanking Jeremy Roenick This Morning If You Really Think About It

Sidney Crosby scored his first goal since the 1st round of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs last night. It was also his first NHL career playoff overtime goal as the Pittsburgh Penguins took game 2 to tie their series up at 1-1. Crosby was held off the scoresheet entirely during the Washington series and couldn’t get anything going during game 1 of the ECF. So what can we attribute his slump buster to? Well look no further than resident jackass Jeremy Roenick right before the playoff period got underway.


Now as somebody who is also constantly wrong about seemingly everything in life himself, I have this odd level of respect and kindship with JR. Shooters shoot and that’s the bottom line. Nobody said that being in the Wrong Takes industry was going to be easy yet here the both of us are, bearing that cross. But you can’t look at me dead in the internet eye and tell me that Jeremy Roenick’s words didn’t make an impact on this game at all. You can’t tell me that Sidney Crosby wasn’t relayed this message by JR, actually take a look at what Jonathan Drouin has been able to do since returning to Tampa Bay and realize he had to end that game last night.

And the beauty of JR’s words is that Crosby didn’t even have to hear them for said words to make an impact. It was such a wrong take that it was bound to blow up in his face regardless. When you think of Jonathan Drouin’s work ethic earlier in the season, you see a little child who was mad that he wasn’t getting enough playing time so he took his ball and went home. Comparing a former Stanley Cup champion and one of the best players in the world to Drouin is such an outlandish statement that the hockey gods had to cut Crosby a break on this one and let that shot go right past Vasilevskiy. If Jeremy Roenick doesn’t say a single thing about Crosby’s work ethic or doesn’t mention that he’s been slumping lately, well then we have a different story on our hands. Then who knows how long that scoring drought would last. So when you really think about it, Jeremy Roenick deserves a heartfelt thank you from Sidney Crosby and Penguins fans everywhere. Now hit me with some sweet sweet Punjabi.

P.S. – If Jeremy Roenick lets you punch him in the face, you have to go all out. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, don’t let it slip away like this jabroni.