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Steven Adams Calls Curry And Thompson "Quick Little Monkeys" And Proves That If You Want To Accidentally Be Kind Of Racist, Just Don't Be American







Let me say this loud and clear: I don’t think Steven Adams is a racist or was making a racist statement. Not even a little bit. It was an innocent phrase, I guess a New Zealand one because those islands are just petting zoos you live on so he knows what chasing monkeys is like, and that’s it. BUT  guess what? If he was just an American big then you know people would think he was being racist. It all just proves my longstanding theory that if you want to be a racist that’s fine, you just can’t be American. We forfeited our accidental racism right with that widely publicized slavery thing. Even if a lot of other places did it too, we kinda have to wear it. You from Europe? Australia/New Zealand because they’re the same place? Be racist, it’s ok, accents are cool. New Zealander innocently calls black people quick monkeys and it’s “Isn’t culture fun?” Some dude from Texas innocently calls black people quick monkeys? Get a PR team on the horn. It also probably helps if the guys you’re calling “quick little monkeys” are very lightskinned black dudes.



You know how people like to say, “If you don’t like our country then you can go somewhere else”? Well it works for racists too. You can’t be publicly racist in America, it’s one of our stupid rules. You want to say borderline things and not get torn apart? Go anywhere else or be from anywhere else and it’s perfectly ok.