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$2,000 In Prizes Is Up For Grabs In A Private DraftKings Contest With Only Barstool Bloggers And Stoolies



There are a lot of times when myself and my fellow Barstool brethren are reminded just how dumb we are when it comes to sports. And pop culture. And just life in general. But like Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer, we have the microphone so YOU WILL LISTEN TO EVERYTHING WE HAVE TO SAY! Except for tonight. You get to create a team and show us just how smart you are while also exposing our general lack of sports knowledge. Me? I think riding with Thor and Mike Trout at a discounted price because they are going up against Scherzer and Kershaw respectively is the way to go. But to each their own. Give it a shot with the details below.

Private Barstool Sports Fantasy Baseball Contest:
– Compete against only Barstool bloggers and Stoolies in a private one-day fantasy baseball contest
– Entry is free for new users
– $2,000 in prizes up for grabs
– Enter up to 5 lineups
– All you have to do is draft a team of 10 MLB players
– Limited spots so be sure to draft your team early
– Must draft your team by Tuesday at 7:00 PM EST