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Think you got the nuts and guts to beat out this baseball savant? Possibly. I am starting freaking Tyler Goedell and Jimmy Rollins. But then again maybe I want you to think I’m incompetent in the realm of MLB. So go ahead and start your Kershaws and Stantons and Harpers. Meanwhile I’ll sit back and play the Mr. Burns card of scouring the American/National/Negro leagues for the best valued talent available. Good luck.

Private Barstool Sports Fantasy Baseball Contest:

- Compete against only Barstool bloggers and Stoolies in a private one-day fantasy baseball contest
– Entry is free for new users
– $2,000 in prizes up for grabs
– Enter up to 5 lineups
– All you have to do is draft a team of 10 MLB players
– Limited spots so be sure to draft your team early
– Must draft your team by Tuesday at 7 :00 PM EST

Draft Your Team Now