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Kyle Lowry Called LeBron "Probably One Of The Best Players In The League....Besides Steph"


Ding, ding, ding, let’s get it on! Kyle Lowry coming in super hot, taking shots at LeBron because he knows it will piss him off. He knows LeBron can’t ignore things like that. LeBron couldn’t even say that Steph deserved the MVP without making it all about himself. “Steph had a great year…butttttt me me me me me” – LBJ. This little jab by Lowry, who is coming off back to back 35+ point games, is so perfect. Just a little needle at LeBron because he knows he can get inside of his head that easily.

Obviously Lowry, who is making his first even Conference Finals appearance, taking shots at LeBron, who is making his 6th straight appearance, might be a bit silly, but he has to keep going with this. Do anything you can to take LeBron off his game. It’s not like LeBron needs any extra motivation, but he is a mental midget so mind games like this could actually work. All he can do is keep jabbing. And if somehow, someway the Raptors beat the Cavs, Lowry will be a hero. It’ll be a bigger story than the Finals themselves. Toronto beating Cleveland in the ECF would be a bigger story than Golden State going back to back because people hate LeBron more than they love Steph. Let’s go Raptors (but not Drake. Fuck Drake).