A Guy Trying To Bully Some Dude Got Headlocked And Thrown Down A Flight Of Stairs And It's The Funniest Bully Karma Video This Year


This weekend I was at a birthday house party and someone there knew about my Barstool blogging and in particular had liked some of the fight video ones I’ve done before. But then as the conversation went on it went to some weird places and we started talking about the very fabric of fight videos, like what makes for a good one and what makes for a bad one, what makes for one you’d post and one you wouldn’t. And overall as an expert reviewer of the genre, what I like about fight videos is there’s usually not a lot of ambiguity. You have a guy you hate in the video, a guy you’re rooting for (even though he’s got one nipple out like Andre the Giant for some reason), and hopefully the guy you’re rooting for destroys the guy you hate in an entertaining way and it’s perfect symmetry in a way most other viral videos you see online aren’t.


And this video has all the checkmarks. A guy with an entertaining accent being an asshole, the general hilarity of how it looks like a confrontation outside the casting office for the guys who said “I’m the Captain now” to Top Hanks, and of course the asshole getting thrown down a flight of stairs like DJ Jazzy Jeff in The Fresh Prince complete with a hilarious musical interlude. But then you get this at the end of video like the bonus scenes after a Marvel video and I just lost it:




Doing pushups like a player dropping a pass while this dude’s entire jaw seems to be leaking onto the floor from smashing on the concrete. Big time #StriveforBullyingGreatness moment for this dude. Now I want to see him recover from this and become the best bully he can be. And even if he doesn’t succeed, I’d like to see him continue to try. Truly a transcendent performer to watch in the fight video genre. I just hope he isn’t too ashamed of his underwear being visible in this video to go back in public and work on his bullying craft. Gotta be embarrassing for this dude to be unaware of such a wardrobe malfunction.