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This Jon Snow Remix Of "I Love Kanye" Is A Straight Heater

This guy absolutely nailed this song, even though he looks like the answer to the question “What would happen if Rick Ross fucked a fly?” The “Chop up Ygritte” line along with the “Samwell loves Jon Snow” finisher made this Five Mics worthy and hammered home the point that I need more rappers spitting hot Game of Thrones verses on wax ASAP.

As for Jon Snow, he has always been kind of a moody bitch, but he still did what was right in his heart. However, when his “brothers” murdered him, we got this new Jon Snow that was sounding a lot like LeBron during The Decision. Talking about going South just because shit got rough. Sure a half dozen stab wounds is worse than a loss to the Celtics and rumors that Delonte West banged your mom. But if Sansa doesn’t show up, Jon Snow takes his talents to Sunspear and that’s the last we ever see of him. Instead, we get one of the most fucked up letters ever read on this fucked up show and maybe we end up with a mix of the honorable badass Jon Snow from the past with a new Jon Snow that is a realist in the present. Basically Ned Stark with a brain for politics. And that is the hero Westeros needs.

h/t James