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Stipe Miocic Wins The UFC Heavyweight Belt And The Wheels Of Change Are Spinning For Cleveland!




Typically you see a tweet like this and can immediately bet the farm on Fabricio Werdum, Miocic’s opponent…






The Browns backing someone successful? A person from Cleveland achieving something and being happy? Preposterous. Preposterous, I tell you!



But not tonight, folks. Following the most depressing 30 for 30 in history about what a piece of shit, sad sack town Cleveland is, Stipe Miocic brings the belt back (I guess?) to The Forest City with a first round KO on a mean counter. The wheels of change grind slowly, my friends, but they might be a grinding. And it all starts on the night that everyone started to really pity Cleveland on a deep, spiritual level. Kind of poetic, right? Hit rock bottom with a television special about how much they suck, now it’s time for the bounce back. I’m not saying anything, I’m just saying keep an eye on Cleveland because they’ve finally got a crack in the dam. First the UFC heavyweight, then maybe the NBA Championship, then the world? Who knows?