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The Greatest Clutch Hitter In Red Sox History Does It Again: Homers In The 3rd, Ties It In The 9th, Wins It In The 11th

I LOVE THIS TEAM! How in the hell do you pitch to David Ortiz with first base open in the bottom of the eleventh? I know it’s 2016, I know he’s 40, but the guy already crushed a home run in the bottom of the third, tripled in the game-tying run in the bottom of the ninth, and now you’re gonna let him rip your throat out in the bottom of the eleventh? What an idiot! Another notch in the Large Father’s belt with the 20th walk-off hit of his career. Unreal. Never retire!

PS – Shout out to Clay Buchholz for being bad at pitching so that David Ortiz had the opportunity to do this. Thank you!