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The Almost-People's Golfer Will Wilcox Sinks An Ace On The Famed 17th Hole At The Players



If that name sounds familiar it’s because Will Wilcox was kicked around by the guys as the next People’s Golfer after Jim Renner. Portnoy ultimately decided to go in another direction and pick Keegan Bradley for the People’s Golfer 2.0. So I guess we’ll call Wilcox the People’s Golfer 1.5. Making an ace in golf is always awesome but making it on the most famous par-3 in golf makes it extra awesome. Great reaction from Wilcox. That is how a person should react to a shot like that. I will say, that yellow ball is ugly as fuck and I don’t like it one bit but I guess it still counts as a 1 on the scorecard.


PS- My life long dream is to take a bucket of balls and a case of beer out to that 17th hole and hit at it all day long. So if anybody has any connections to make that happen, let me know. Thanks.