KFC Radio Episode 168 - The Bathroom Is A Sacred Place For A Man

This week we had another female KFC Radio listener call up looking to understand the ways of men. Her question was why do guys take such a long time in the bathroom. Some dude she lives with takes an hour long shower. Hes in there all morning. Why?

Well let me tell you why. Because the bathroom is a safe haven. An escape. Its the only room in the house where you can lock the door and be left alone for a little while. Some men have garages and basements, but when you live the apartment life you got only one place thats acceptable to lock yourself in for a short respite from the bullshit that is your life. You throw the shower on, whip out your smartphone, and live your life. Watch some porn, crack some stick. Scroll through your twitter. Read your favorite blog. Check your fantasy. Whatever. Do all that in some peace and quiet avoiding your wife or girlfriend who will undoubtedly ask you to do something the minute you step out of that bathroom door. The bathroom is like “Base” when you’re playing Tag. You cant be tagged It when you’re in the bathroom. The rest of life is like constantly being “It.” So guys just want to hang out on Base for like an hour a day. Just leave us alone and let us jerk off in a steamy room in peace.

Also, big announcement from the KFC Radio gang, another LIVE show coming your way. Thursday night, June 9th at Caroline’s. Thats right bitches, we’re taking KFC Radio to Broadway! Its Couchella ’16 – the three of us on stage live on a couch at Caroline’s On Broadway. If you went to KFC Radio 100, you know how great of a time that was. This promises to be more of an actual show than a shitshow. I mean we’re all still gonna get fucked up and stuff, but you’ll actually be able to hear the podcast this time. Its one of the biggest comedy clubs in Manhattan and we’re gonna sell that bitch out. 7:30 showtime, $25 tickets.

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