Meghan Trainor Absolutely Crushed It On Jimmy Fallon




Girls falling in high heels will never not be funny, every instance is like a short film. Starts off with them feeling sexy, thinking they’re the hottest and baddest bitch in the whole world, strutting that ass and killing it. That’s your exposition. Next comes the ankle roll as the rising action, the moment where we notice a chink in the armor of our protagonist and their life isn’t exactly as great as it’s portrayed. Trainor grabbing that microphone was perfect climax but, alas, the falling action has to come a calling and the resolution that comes with her realizing life is pointless and nothing matters and I’m always tired. Really, flawless dramatic structure just in that brief clip. If that doesn’t win an Oscar for short film of the year then I don’t know what the academy is thinking.



Also, it’s a great representation of my every day. Wake up, dance in the shower, feel like I’m ready to fuck the world then boom, life happens and I just want to lay down forever.