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Gronk Being On the Cover of GQ Is The Most Ridiculous Thing Of All Time




Isn’t GQ a style magazine? Or am I wrong about that? I’m pretty sure it is. I’m working under the assumption it is. And if I’m right about that then having Rob Gronkowski on the cover is legitimately the most ridiculous thing of all time. Brady? Yes. Edelman? Yes. Amendola? Yes. Gronk? No joke he is honestly the worst dresser maybe in the history of earth. His idea of dressing up is Zubaz. Stories are legendary that he literally owns 1 suit that he saves for gamedays and then just leaves it crumpled on the floor of his apartment until he needs to wear it the next week. I’d be shocked if he knows how to tie his own tie. I mean having him in short shorts is utterly ridiculous.




I’m surprised he even knew that these were actual shorts. I’ve literally never seen him in anything except gym shorts that go to his shins. Bizarro world choice for a fashion magazine. And I’m not just saying that cause Gronk Katie Nolan’d us.


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