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This Dude Has To Be Stuffing Sonya Curry Right?


So I saw this story when I woke up. I know Clem blogged it. I know that Steph’s sister said Del was 2 seats away from him. What the fuck does that matter? This story is by far the biggest of the night for me. The First lady of basketball is basically catching a ton of dick on the side. Like a ton of dick. And doing it right in Del Currys face. We can poo poo this all we want, but this is the first crack in the perfect family’s armor. Because let me say this loud and clear. Anybody who doesn’t think that white dude is stuffing Sonya Curry is a moron. Because as Uncle Leo said you just don’t burn a hamburger and you just don’t put your arm around the waste of a married woman. Unless this is a direct relative which I don’t think it is divorce is coming boys. Divorce is coming.

PS – How about the shirt Sonya was wearing? Flames