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Ygritte Saying She Had No Idea What Was Going To Happen With Jon Snow Is The Biggest Lie In The History Of Lies









I’m actually offended by this. Such a blatant and disrespectful lie to the public. I commend her for being loyal but if you don’t think Jon Snow spilled the beans to Ygritte during pillow talk you are a sheep. It’d be one thing if they weren’t dating in real life. Then I would be more inclined to believe them but they are dating in real life. They’ve been together for months. They talk all the time and are together all the time. The biggest “secret” in relatively recent TV history absolutely came up between them at dinner and he for sure didn’t lie to her. She’s too hot. I wouldn’t be shocked if Ygritte cut Jon some sort of deal like, “Alright I’ll swallow this time if you tell me whether Jon Snow is coming back to life or not.” Also, it doesn’t make practical sense. Where would Jon have said he was going when he was going to film scenes for the show? Girlfriends don’t just let you go away for months and months without you telling them where you’re going. That’s not how the real world works. It does kind of give me a boner that Ygritte is a ride or die chick though and will lie on the stand (on a talk show) for her man.


Obviously everybody reading this has a brain and doesn’t believe that she had no idea about the fate of Jon Snow. But this is exactly the type of thing morning talk shows gobble up without giving it a second thought. Sheep.