New Hampshire High Speed Chase Just Ended With A Gangland BEATDOWN





I’m not sure what this guy did but anything short of fucking everyone on the force’s mother and I’m going to say this is a little excessive. I mean the guy crow-hopped his opening punch. How mad do you have to be at someone to crow-hop a punch thrown at a guy on his hands and knees? I’m seriously asking because I’ll never get that mad in my entire life. You know when a cameraman thinks Oh shit this is pretty brutal. Zoom out! Zoom out! then things have gotten out of hand and this dude looked away like a child watching a horror movie. Personally would’ve preferred him to zoom in but I guess there are kids watching you can’t show the cops beat a man to death.



At least it was a white guy though? Feel like that’s something of a twisted win. See a lot of police brutality against black people in the news so we kinda just gotta wear this one and take our base. Fair enough, guys, we deserved this one.