Awesome Follow Up: The Chinese Restaurant Who Said The Table Had Tiny Dicks Is Giving 10% Off To Anyone Who Brings In A News Article About It

Holy shit YES. Quite possibly my favorite follow up story ever. The ultimate “fuck you”. In case you missed it, some pretentious white people went into a Chinese restaurant and tried to tell them how to do their jobs. Joking around, the wait staff made jokes about their shirts and dick sizes on the receipt, but forgot to delete it. The white people then whined about it, the owner didn’t really give a fuck, and then the whiney white people took the story to the press, thinking it’d give Peter Chang’s a bad name. WELP. Pretty much everyone took the restaurant’s side because WHY WOULDN’T YOU, and now they are giving the triple middle finger by offering 10% off if you bring in an article about the receipt. Might be the biggest win for the anti-apology crowd to date. I hope they take it one step further and hang them all up on the wall. Matt and his yuppie friends are going to be so mad on Yelp later tonight when they see this that they’re going to go right down to the J Crew and buy more plaid shirts.