Minnesota Twins Ball Boy May Be More Useful On The Diamond Than Anyone On The Twins Roster

All khakis, all heart. You do what you gotta do to do your job, and he may be the most talented Twins employee on the field at that time. That’s what happens when your team is (almost) the worst team in the Majors thanks to 8 wins through 32 games. Your ball boy shows you up. The best part? The kid acts like he’s been there before. No celebration, no tip of the cap, no curtain call. He expected to make the play and did so with ease.

Would love to see the Phillies ballgirls have that kind of moxie. Or not.

Hey, honey, you know that over-sized, leather thing you have perfectly molded to your hand? It’s like an oven mitt but it’s used for catching baseballs. Might want to try it out next time. Trust me it’s a better feeling getting on Sportscenter making a sick catch than almost receiving a direct shot to the fanny. At least she saved the Silverfox’s life in the first row. Old man wanted absolutely nothing to do with that line drive and it showed. Cute smile, too. And I mean the ballgirl, not the old man. I think.

Just stand there and look adequate for the boys like the Hooters ST gals.